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Advocate Name P105 Number Status
Muthee Joseph Kiunga P.105/4177/00 Inactive
Muthee Jacqueline Wangu P.105/5480/04 Inactive
Muthee Benard Kamau P.105/5897/05 Inactive
Mutheu Agatha Khimulu P.105/4557/01 Inactive
Muthiga Rosalino Kagure P.105/1162/81 Inactive
Muthiora Brian Njenga P.105/4731/02 Inactive
Muthoga Rachel Wambui P.105/6155/06 Inactive
Muthoka Jane Mwikali P.105/5262/03 Inactive
Muthoni Gladys Mburu P.105/3209/96 Inactive
Muthua Teresia Njeri P.105/3349/97 Inactive
Muthuku Francis Gikonyo P.105/2209/91 Inactive
Muthuri Clifford Kimathi P.105/7913/10 Inactive
Mutiga Michael Mugambi P.105/4410/01 Inactive
Mutiga Stanely P.105/7338/08 Inactive
Mutinda Sebastian Nzomo P.105/1858/88 Inactive
Mutinda David Nyasya P.105/1751/88 Inactive
Mutisya Josephat Mutunga P.105/5250/03 Inactive
Mutoka Rosemelle P.105/1531/86 Inactive
Mutoro Mary Nafula P.105/5472/04 Inactive
Mutsoli Elizabeth Mukongo P.105/9645/12 Inactive
Muttimos Mary Ojiambo Lillian P.105/1143/80 Inactive
Mutua Maurice Kiio P.105/2497/93 Inactive
Mutua Florina Mwikali P.105/3660/98 Inactive
Mutua Nzioka Ngumbau P.105/4988/03 Inactive
Mutua Lilian Ngina P.105/8214/11 Inactive
Mutua Joseph Munga P.105/9258/12 Inactive
Mutugu Josephine Njeri P.105/5490/04 Inactive
Mutuiri John Marimi P.105/2953/95 Inactive
Mutuku Flora Loko P.105/4441/01 Inactive
Mutuku Sylvester Katua P.105/4779/02 Inactive
Mutuku Mutinda P.105/2741/94 Inactive
Mutuku Joy Musii P.105/8281/11 Inactive
Mutuma Robert Mugambi P.105/2886/95(A) Inactive
Mutuma Robert Mugambi P.105/2886/95 Inactive
Mutunga Carol Mbatha P.105/5376/04 Inactive
Mutungi Onesmus Kimweli P.105/585/71 Inactive
Mutungi John Muriungi P.105/1129/80 Inactive
Mutungi Martin Kitheka P.105/4893/02 Inactive
Mutungi Josephine Mukulu P.105/6526/07 Inactive
Mutungi Catherine Kendi P.105/7655/09 Inactive
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The Advocates Act CAP. 16 Section 24 states:

 (1) Every practising certificate shall bear the date of the day on which it is issued and shall have effect from the beginning of that day: Provided that a practising certificate which is issued during the first month of any practising year shall have effect for all purposes from the beginning of that month.

(2) The practising year shall be from the 1st January to 31st December:

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