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Advocate Name P105 Number Status
Ndenda Bernard James P.105/3947/98 Inactive
Nderi Susan Waithera P.105/1950/89 Inactive
Nderiu Regina Wambui P.105/5085/03 Inactive
Nderu Madren Nduta P.105/3401/97 Inactive
Ndiba Jane Wanjiru P.105/2158/91 Inactive
Ndichu Irene Wanjiru P.105/5076/03 Inactive
Ndichu Julius Kihanya P.105/4116/99 Inactive
Ndiema Victor Cheminingwa P.105/5915/05 Inactive
Ndirangu Gichinga P.105/3823/98 Inactive
Ndirangu Stella Wambui P.105/6656/07 Inactive
Ndirangu Francis Kiago P.105/8101/10 Inactive
Ndiritu Emilius Muchora P.105/1329/83 Inactive
Ndiritu Clement Ndegwa P.105/3380/97 Inactive
Ndiritu Elizabeth Wangeci P.105/5975/05 Inactive
Ndisya Silvanus Ndongoi Maundu P.105/1480/85 Inactive
Ndolo Linnet Mumo Ngume P.105/1920/89 Inactive
Ndombi Jared Abachi P.105/4311/00 Inactive
Ndoria George Gituto P.105/583/70 Inactive
Ndosi Esther Mukenyi P.105/4129/00 Inactive
Ndugire Florence Wambui P.105/2694/94 Inactive
Ndunda Agnes Ndanu P.105/6903/08 Inactive
Ndungi David Munyao P.105/2230/91 Inactive
Ndungo Rosemary Njeri P.105/1526/86 Inactive
Ndungu Mathew Kimani P.105/2109/91 Inactive
Ndungu Hannah Njeri P.105/1534/86 Inactive
Ndungu Eustace Kanyi P.105/1260/82 Inactive
Ndungu Hannah Wambui P.105/5016/03 Inactive
Ndungu Anne Wambui P.105/4192/00 Inactive
Ndungu Solomon Chuchu P.105/4115/99 Inactive
Ndungu Gathinji P.105/5206/03 Inactive
Ndungu Antony Nyaga P.105/4758/02 Inactive
Ndungu Hanna Muthoni P.105/3841/98 Inactive
Ndungu Christopher Gitari P.105/6665/07 Inactive
Ndungu Loise Wangechi P.105/7354/08 Inactive
Ndungu James Nugi P.105/8030/10 Inactive
Ndungu Steven Githinji P.105/9336/12 Inactive
Ndururi Joseph Riitho P.105/4160/00 Inactive
Ndwiga Rose Njoki P.105/1512/86 Inactive
Ndwiga Mary Lillian Mukami P.105/8948/11 Inactive
Neriko David Omwenga P.105/4084/99 Inactive
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The Advocates Act CAP. 16 Section 24 states:

 (1) Every practising certificate shall bear the date of the day on which it is issued and shall have effect from the beginning of that day: Provided that a practising certificate which is issued during the first month of any practising year shall have effect for all purposes from the beginning of that month.

(2) The practising year shall be from the 1st January to 31st December:

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