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Advocate P105 Name of Advocate Institution Appointment Capacity Nominated/Elected
P.105/1808/88 Makundi Andrew Ndua Wa Adoption Committee MEMBER Nominated
P.105/4771/02 Kasina Dan Joshua Auctioneers Lincencing Board MEMBER Nominated
P.105/3287/96 Kitiwa Godfrey Nathan Cooperative Tribunal MEMBER Nominated
P.105/7604/09 Ndegwa Michael Muchemi Council for Law Reporting MEMBER Nominated
P.105/4218/00 Kimeu Janet Mwikali Council for Law Reporting MEMBER Nominated
P.105/5344/04 Konuche Anna Cherono Council of Legal Education MEMBER Nominated
P.105/3849/98 Gichuki Evanson Njaramba Council of Legal Education MEMBER Nominated
P.105/1787/88 Thongori Judy Wanjeri Council of Legal Education MEMBER Nominated
P.105/4915/02 Muigai Elizabeth Wangari Kenya Consumer Protection Advisory Committee MEMBER Nominated
P.105/2655/93 Sihanya Bernard Murumbi Kenya Indistrial Property Institute BOARD MEMBER Nominated
P.105/6578/07 Mogute Calvin Nyachoti LAPTRUST BOARD OF TRUSTEE MEMBER Nominated
P.105/2490/93 Kiusya Anne Mwikali National Construction Authority MEMBER Nominated
P.105/4746/02 Mutai Vincent Kiplangat National Legal Aid Service Board MEMBER Nominated
P.105/7978/10 Jonyo Michael Wiso National Police Service LSK/NPS Representative Nominated
P.105/1361/84 Guserwa Judith Abrahams State Corporation Appeals Tribunal MEMBER Nominated
P.105/9004/12 Onyango Lena Adhiambo TAX AGENT COMMITTEE MEMBER Nominated
P.105/4085/99 Omondi Lilian Renee Awuor Tobacco Control Board BOARD MEMBER Nominated
P.105/5548/04 Ogola Thomas Ochieng Tourism Tribunal MEMBER Nominated



The Advocates Act CAP. 16 Section 24 states:

 (1) Every practising certificate shall bear the date of the day on which it is issued and shall have effect from the beginning of that day: Provided that a practising certificate which is issued during the first month of any practising year shall have effect for all purposes from the beginning of that month.

(2) The practising year shall be from the 1st January to 31st December:

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