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Advocate Name P105 Number Status
Abdalla Aziza Said P.105/12618/16 Unknown
Abdi Taquyudin Haithar P.105/13399/17 Unknown
Abdul R M Y P.105/34/29 Unknown
Abdul B.a Kadir P.105/26/45 Unknown
Abdulhamid M.a.y B. P.105/39/46 Unknown
Abdullahi Halima Ali P.105/13610/17 Unknown
Abdulmajid Shamsa Hamid P.105/13548/17 Unknown
Abiero Leonard Odhiambo P.105/7938/10 Unknown
Abubaker A. B. P.105/6/27 Unknown
Abuor Nancy Ojwando P.105/3972/99 Unknown
Abuyeka Larry Amakaka P.105/8362/11 Unknown
Adams C. C. P.105/276/59 Unknown
Adan Fatuma Abdulkadir P.105/7528/09 Unknown
Adatia H. A. P.105/242/58 Unknown
Addy E. C. P.105/87/54 Unknown
Adembesa Nathan Munyovi P.105/804/76 Unknown
Adhoch Damaris Atieno P.105/4099/99 Unknown
Adolwa Tracy Kadesa P.105/13011/16 Unknown
Aekinson G. G. P.105/13/07 Unknown
Afdhali A. B. P.105/6/33 Unknown
Agasa Martha Kerubo P.105/9697/12 Unknown
Agavid E. J. P.105/8/22 Unknown
Agong Sarah Eve Adhiambo P.105/10104/14 Unknown
Ahluwalia Jagjit Singh P.105/195/57 Unknown
Ahluwalia S. P. P.105/323/60 Unknown
Ahmed M. B. P.105/25/50 Unknown
Ahmed Adan Mohamed P.105/11190/14 Unknown
Ainslie G. G. P.105/15/37 Unknown
Airo Caroline Awino P.105/9133/12 Unknown
Akena Maureen Achieng P.105/4247/00 Unknown
Akeyo Cynthia Auma P.105/9918/13 Unknown
Akhatar M. M. P.105/311/60 Unknown
Akidiva Mildred Ojunga P.105/8561/11 Unknown
Akoli Joyce P.105/13439/17 Unknown
Akoth Lina P.105/11513/15 Unknown
Akram M. S. P.105/28/47 Unknown
Akurut Susan P.105/13703/17 Unknown
Albullahim B. A. M. P.105/15/32 Unknown
Albuquerque D. C. A. P.105/44/48 Unknown
Ali B M P.105/17/28 Unknown
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The Advocates Act CAP. 16 Section 24 states:

 (1) Every practising certificate shall bear the date of the day on which it is issued and shall have effect from the beginning of that day: Provided that a practising certificate which is issued during the first month of any practising year shall have effect for all purposes from the beginning of that month.

(2) The practising year shall be from the 1st January to 31st December:

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