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Advocate Name P105 Number Status
Achode Lydia Awino P.105/1593/87 Judge
Ali Abida Mohamed P.105/1535/86 Judge
Azangalala Festus P.105/746/75 Judge
Chemitei Hillary Kiplagat P.105/3206/96 Judge
Chitembwe Said Juma P.105/2250/91 Judge
Dulu George Abaleka Matatia P.105/1073/79 Judge
Eboso Benard Mweresa P.105/2789/95 Judge
Emukule Matthew Anyara John P.105/692/73 Judge
Gacheche Jeanne Wanjiku P.105/786/75 Judge
Githua Cecilia Wathaiya P.105/1768/88 Judge
Kantai Sankale Ole P.105/1610/87 Judge
Kanyi George Kimondo P.105/2427/92 Judge
Karanja Joseph Raphael P.105/1265/82 Judge
Kariuki George Benedict Maina P.105/637/72 Judge
Kemei Grace Jemutai P.105/2837/95 Judge
Kimaru Luka Kiprotich P.105/2256/91 Judge
Kiplagat Joseph Sergon P.105/2211/91 Judge
Korir Weldon Kipyegon P.105/2249/91 Judge
Langat Roseline Cherotich P.105/2115/91 Judge
Lenaola Isaac P.105/2194/91 Judge
Mabeya Alfred P.105/2773/95 Judge
Majanja David Shikomera P.105/3640/98 Judge
Makau James Aaron P.105/965/78 Judge
Makau Onesmus Ndumbuthi P.105/3303/96 Judge
Makhandia Milton Asike Stephen P.105/1372/84 Judge
Mbalu Joseph Mutava P.105/3572/98 Judge
Mbogholi Amraphael Msagha P.105/949/78 Judge
Mbogo Jessie Wanjiku P.105/1307/83 Judge
Mohammed Jamila Wambui P.105/1772/88 Judge
Muchelule Aggrey Otsyula P.105/1295/83 Judge
Muchemi Florence Nyaguthii P.105/1213/82 Judge
Mugo Murugi Geteria P.105/1257/82 Judge
Muhanji Mary Kasango P.105/1409/85 Judge
Mukunya Samuel Ndungu P.105/929/78 Judge
Muriithi Edward Muthoga P.105/2320/92 Judge
Musinga Daniel Kiio P.105/1740/88 Judge
Muyoti Jane P.105/1962/89 Judge
Mwera Wyclife Mwalati John P.105/764/75 Judge
Mwilu Philomena Mbete P.105/1379/84 Judge
Mwongo Richard Mururu P.105/1712/88 Judge
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The Advocates Act CAP. 16 Section 24 states:

 (1) Every practising certificate shall bear the date of the day on which it is issued and shall have effect from the beginning of that day: Provided that a practising certificate which is issued during the first month of any practising year shall have effect for all purposes from the beginning of that month.

(2) The practising year shall be from the 1st January to 31st December:

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