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Name : Njage Jane Muthoni
P105 : P.105/1181/81

Attendance DateYearOrganiserProgram TitleUnits
13/10/20112011LSKSeminar on Real Property: Safeguarding Your Clients Rights. 13th & 14th Oct 2011, Greenhills htl Nyeri. 4
07/10/20112011LSKSeminar on ICT: Are you Techno legal Savvy? 7th Oct 2011, Panari htl nrb. 2
Total Point for Year 20116

Attendance DateYearOrganiserProgram TitleUnits
28/10/20102010LSKSeminar on Comparative Tax Regimes in the EA Community, 28th & 29th October 2010, Panari Hotel, Nairobi 3
21/05/20102010LSKSeminar on Sports Administration and The Law 2
Total Point for Year 20105

Attendance DateYearOrganiserProgram TitleUnits
22/01/20102009lskSeminar on Emerging Ethical and Procedural Issues In civil Litigation, Panari hotel, Nairobi 3
Total Point for Year 20093

Attendance DateYearOrganiserProgram TitleUnits
10/12/20092008LSKSeminar on Land Policy, Tenure & Survey Systems in Kenya and Its Effects on National Development. Coral Key Hotel, Malindi. 10th & 11th December, 2009. 4
03/12/20092008LSKSeminar on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Panari Hotel, Nairobi 2
Total Point for Year 20086

Attendance DateYearOrganiserProgram TitleUnits
26/06/20082007LSKSeminar on Intellectual Property & Franchising in Kenya. 26th -27th June, 2008. College of Insurance, Nairobi. 4
19/06/02082007LskLecture on Career Management for Professionals. Blue Post Hotel, Thika 1
Total Point for Year 20075

Attendance DateYearOrganiserProgram TitleUnits
11/05/20072006LSKEnvironmental Management Law, Panari Hotel, Nairobi 2
14/09/20062006LSK'Commercial & International Commercial Law' 14-15 Sept, Nbi 4
Total Point for Year 20066

Attendance DateYearOrganiserProgram TitleUnits
29/09/20052005Law Society of KenyaSeminar 'Public Procurement', 29th-30th 4
26/08/20052005Law Society of KenyaCMA, NSE & CDS Seminar, Nrb 2
29/07/20052005Law Society of KenyaSeminar 'Conveyancing Update', Nyeri 2
Total Point for Year 20058
Compliance Requirements
A member who has practiced for a minimum of 1 year must attain 5 CLE Units in one calendar year to be eligible for a practicing certificate for the following year.
Units Backdating
A member may have attended a CLE Seminar for the current year but the units may have been back dated for compliance for past years.
Updating Process
A member may have attended a recent seminar which is in the process of being updated.
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